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Welcome to KitSafe

the hassle free replacement service for your personal items

Working on yachts, it's not always simple to replace lost or damaged personal items. You might be in a part of the world where the phone you want is tricky to source. It could be that a demanding charter schedule means time ashore just isn’t an option.

That’s where KitSafe comes in. Simply log the items that you take whilst working aboard and if you lose or damage them, we’ll quote you for a replacement at cost and ship them to where ever you are free of charge.

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Here's the small print:

The first kit replacement in any calendar year will be shipped to you free of charge. If you need anything else replacing, we may need to charge shipping. If it’s inexpensive or we can add your replacement items to an existing shipment, we may send it free of charge anyway because we’re nice people like that!

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